TWIST ONLINE: is a free website, designed to inspire and encourage children and families talk Faith at Home. This is also easy to use for church groups, school assembly or even as a starter for an RE lesson. There are NO LIMITS.

About us – Paul

Paul has been in full time Christian ministry since 1994, aiming to present the truth of the Christian message in an engaging way. He supports churches connecting with local schools, leading whole school assemblies, collective worship and RE lessons. Paul also speaks at church based events. He also works partnership with Counties and Children Worldwide. Paul and his family are also active members of their local church.

About Us – Twist

Twist was designed to be a completely unique character. With all his differences, he thinks that he is, “Made up of the bits that were left over.” Designed and built by Paul, Ben and Anette, Twist is definitely one of a kind. Sign up to his irregular news letter, click the sign up icon above.

How to use this website

Hopefully you have been able to watch “2 Minute Twist” on TBNUK, maybe you have even watched as a family. (If not you could watch on demand at Each episode on TV has its own matching page here at When you click on the TV Show icon above, you will see a page with the list of each episode that has been on TV. There is a whole set of 22, so keep watching.

NOT SEEN TBN UK? Even if you have not seen Twist on TBNUK you can still go to the TV Show Page. There you will find a little video to watch, a section of the Bible to read, an activity to try, discussion questions to talk about and Puzzle pages to enjoy. The idea is that after watching the video and reading the Bible, you can then talk through the
questions as a family. You can even chat while trying some of the little activities.

No Limits

Do not be limited by the questions, remember there are no limits. There are always more questions that children will want to ask and don’t worry if your conversation takes a slightly different direction, that might be where God is leading your time together. It might also be good to pray a short prayer together before you start, inviting God to guide your thoughts and conversations.

As this website grows you will also be able to search for themes and Bible references.


Here at you will find some extra resources to help you in your faith conversations at home or church groups. Each 2 Minute Twist show comes with printable Puzzle Pages and printable Question Pages, these are free to download and print. Why not give the puzzle pages to your children to colour as you talk? Sometimes children will find it easier to talk when they are distracted by a simple colouring page or other activity.

You can also print off the Question Pages (see below). As the grown-up you could do the writing, then keep them in a folder for future reference. Maybe go back to them this time next year, then talk about how your thoughts may have changed, or have you learned something new? You could even post these question pages to your child. Receiving a letter as a child is great fun, and might inspire them to engage in the questions more readily.


Click on the videos icon above and you can see all of the latest YouTube videos from our YouTube channel, “Twist Online”. Why not watch them as a family, then chat about the question. maybe even read that same part of the Bible together. We are planning question pages to go along with these videos . . . watch this space.

You can also subscribe to the YouTube channel, “Twist Online”, then click on the bell to set your notifications and you will notified when the latest 2 Minute Twist video is ready to watch.

Sharing the Gospel with Children?

The Gospel is Good News, the good news about Jesus, his live, death and resurrection. It is the story of how our stories might connect with God’s story. Why not start with sharing you own story? Or talking with another Christian that you know. We all love hearing about real life stories about real people, children are the same, whose stories do you connect with?

Why not take a look at churches nearby, do they run activities that you could connect with? You can also click on the button below, to hear Twist retell a simple version of Gospel and how we could connect with God’s story.

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